Hippotherapy is the therapeutic horseback riding that allows to eliminate stress and fatigue, forget the problems, relax and also improve your shape and recover the power. It is unique in rehabilitation effectiveness, which assists with wide range of diseases. Hippotherapy is growing its popularity now, helping thousands of people to get rid of different ailments.

The concept of hippotherapy is mentioned even in Hippocrates works in Ancient Greece. In the middle of XVIII century encyclopedist Denis Diderot wrote in treatise “About horsebask riding and its value in keeping the health and getting it again”: “The first place among exercises belongs to the horseback riding. It is possible to treat many diseases with its aid, but it is also posiible to prevent them as soon as they manifest themselves.” But only at the end of XIX century scientific investigation of horseback riding influence on the human body and its purposeful use with treatment purpose began. Hippotherapy as the science was developed in 1960s. Exactly then it was started to practice in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as amendment to the traditional physical therapy.

Advantages of hippotherapy:

1. Physical load on the all muscles’ groups and on the entire body.
During horseback riding all main muscles groups and worked out, due to that the body muscle tone improves. Horseback riding influences positively blood circulatory system, breathing, nervous and nutrition system.
2. Training of balance
Speaking in medical terms the training of the vestibular apparatus, which is responsible for keeping the body balance. It is achieved by the permanent need to keep yourself in the saddle.
3. Graceful posture
Graceful posture is one of the most visible advantages, which will be seen after very first training. Horseback riding is absolutely yours, if you have impaired posture, scoleosis, osteocondrosis.
4. Perfect antidepressant
Physical activity on the open air, communication with the horse, new skills and exit from the comfort zone – all that beneficially influence the human mood. Horseback riding contributes to getting rid of unnecessary anxiety. One of the main hippothrapy’s tasks is assistance to people with the range of nervous diseases.
5. Suits almost everybody
Horseback riding is recommended to everybody. This sport suits specially to those who carries out passive lifestyle (at the table in the office, on the coach at home). Horseback riding stimulates leg muscles that are responsible for movement.

So, hippotherapy causes combined positive impact not only on the physical status of the patient, but on the psychoemotional sphere enabling maximum mobilization of the will activity, socialization and creation of more harmonious relations with the world. Motivation increases and seek for achievement of positive result strengthens.

Therapeutic horseback riding is included into the list of treatment procedures of rehabilitation and recovering programmes elaborated by the Bridge Resort Medical Centre specialists. Training is held on the basis of the Southern Horse and Kinologistic Centre of the EMERCOM of Russia that is one of the biggest facilities in Sochi.

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