Alfa-capsule Spa System is the dry SPA-capsule for cosmetological correction and pleasant health improving recreation. Polysensoric impact stabilizes vegetative status, decreases internal tension, improves mood and sufficiently increases exercise tolerance. Alfa-massage has also enzyme stimulating, immunomodulating and lipolytic effect.

Choosing and programming of the capsule allows both immerse in deep relax and deliver tonic and directional impact with achievement of quick body recovery effect after psychoemotional and physical loads. Recovery effect is based on the creation of special micro climate inside the Alfa-capsule Spa System. Complex impact on the body is performed with the aid of dry heat, whole-spectrum and monochrome light, alfa, theta photostimulation, aroma inhalation, vibration massage, and melotherapy (treatment by sounds).

Alfa theta photostimulation used in Alfa-capsule Spa System presents impact of different frequency ripple of visible red colour produced by stroboscope. While processing light flicker brain is gradually assimilating its dominating rhythm. Electrical activity of the cortex is synchronized with applied frequency and the man is immersing in deep relax or the thinking process activates. By changing of the associative chains with new ones we promote elimination of obsession, pathologic dependences, sleep disorder. Moreover, by syncronization with the waves appearing as the result of music impact, pulse photostimulation empowers impact of functional music therapy.

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